Runt om i världen bedrivs forskning kring de processer som möjliggör fermentering (syrning) av mat. Här kommer vi att presenterar något av det pågående arbetet.

Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology

Fermented foods and drinks have a very long history. Wine already existed around 5000 BC, and the original forms of soy source, miso, and fermented milk existed around 3000 to 2000 BC. These fermented products were originally made by microorganisms mixed from the environment. However, there are also environmental microorganism that putrefy food. Now, the differenece between a fermented product and a putrefied product is quite subjective, but in general, a fermented product tastes good, and a putrefied product tastes bad or has a bad effect on the body -- for example, it causes stomach ache. Unique fermented products have developed all over the world because of regional differences in, for example, produce, climate and culture. Therefore, these regional and recial differences have a big effect on whether somethig is considered fermented or putrefied. What is considered a good fermented food in one region may be considered a disgusting putrefied product in another region.

147 scientific reports of fermented food
100 scientific reports of fermented food
Livsmedelsförordning (1971:807)

Surströmming - säker mat som bakterierna inte rår på
Nyttiga mikroorganismer